Where Can I Get Seeds?

Wondering where to get cannabis seeds? You’ve definitely got options, depending on where you live.

If you’re in the USA it really depends on your own state’s specific legislation. Technically weed seeds are prohibited by federal law throughout the country and so on. Nonetheless, with a mix of states having legalized recreational and/or medical marijuana, rules do vary, so check em out at  www.norml.org.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state with legal cannabis, you can and should check your local dispensaries.

If you’re thinking about ordering weed seeds online, there are many seed banks that sell quality seeds around the world (usually shipping from Europe or Canada). Although now that many states have legalized marijuana, stateside seed banks that ship domestically are becoming easier to find.

There’s a great selection of cannabis seeds for sale online at Seedsman. They have an awesome selection and tons of payment options, including Bitcoin! There’s also a huge variety to choose from, including high CBD seeds, and Cannabis Cup Winners – yeah, you could be growing your own award winning cannabis plant right from the seed. That’s dope. Or at least it will be.

If you order to a US address from outside of the US, just be aware that Customs could potentially seize your seeds. And nobody likes getting their seeds seized.

There are a few more seedbanks we like, so check back soon for more links and deals!


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