Can I Grow Weed Without Equipment?

Growing weed for the first time can seem like a daunting task. And with the potential to get expensive, fast. So you may be asking yourself if you can grow weed without any equipment at all. The answer is: probably!

Grow Weed At Home

It depends on what you mean by “equipment”. If you want to grow cannabis without having to invest in expensive specialized gear, then definitely yes, you can do that! It shouldn’t be too tough to get your growing going with just some simple, widely available stuff. It’s pretty much as easy as growing weed in a flower pot. With one caveat, though…

You’ll have to grow your cannabis outside. For this, you really only need a pot and some good soil, which is cheap and available everywhere. Just stick a germinated seed in a pot full of loose, well draining gardening soil (or kick it up a notch with this serious garden soil your cannabis plant will love), water frequently and let mother nature do the rest. This is assuming you don’t live somewhere with extreme temperatures, in which case mother nature might not be so cooperative. Planting in the springtime will increase your chances for success.

Pretty easy. But can you replicate this crazy-simple approach indoors? The short answer is nnnnoot really. You’ll need a few gizmos for a successful indoor grow, like a grow tent, LED grow lights and/or hydroponic systems. The costs can vary between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on your needs and desired yields.



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Can I Grow Weed
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