Can I Grow Weed In A Flower Pot?

Will your pot flower in a flower pot? Heck yeah it will.

Of course you can get as fancy as you want with a crazy advanced grow setup. But for all the gloriously smokable bowls of stiky icky flowers that cannabis provides, it IS still just a plant. And there’s something nice about sticking a seed in a pot and watching it grow, just knowing one day it will make you high.

Hey, sometimes you wanna keep it simple. Here’s a tip to make your delightfully simple grow go a little easier.

Consider starting your cannabis plant in a small pot (or plastic cup) and working up to larger sized pots as your plant grows. This will help produce bigger, healthier roots (ergo, better buds). Also, keep in mind that once a cannabis plant begins to flower it can double or even triple in size, so be prepared to upgrade the pot as soon as your flowery green baby demands. The grow up so fast…


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