Can I Grow Weed With A Regular Light Bulb?

Growing cannabis requires a few essential things, the most important being light (if you don’t count love, obviously). But can you grow a marijuana plant indoors with just a regular light bulb?

The short answer is …

Yes. But should you? Probably not. “Regular” incandescent lights actually do provide ample light in the red and orange ranges of the spectrum, which is great for flowering. But here’s why it’s a bad idea.

Incandescent lights get hot, they’re expensive to operate, it will take forever for your plant to grow and will have a crummy yield.

But don’t be sad, cause here’s some great news. Grow lights are better and cheaper than ever! And with LED grow light technology, they barely even get hot. Not only that, you can pick up a great light on Amazon which is pretty much as easy as it gets.

Here are some to peruse, or click here to browse even more!

Grow Lights

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Can I Grow Weed
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